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Well now, I believe its time for round 2.....

This is a poem I wrote awhile back, the thought of spontaneous combustion seemed appealing.


sponanteous combustion

why cant blowing up happen at will?

why cant we say fuck it all,
and let it all go still?

contemplate that for a second or two
Attempt at least not to misconstrue

destitute..alone....sad.. and lifeless
feeling a perpetual sense of crisis without life
walking around without feeling the knife
what is that but an empty shell?
what is that but a living hell?

why cant i just let go..
give the world a big smoke show
go up..dust in the sky
no longer pain in my eyes

no heart to be broken
no back to be stabbed
no body to ache
no feelings to have
no love, no hate no inbetween
nothing inner left unscene

standing bereft, wanting out
hating everything beyond a doubt

give me a reason give a rhyme
show me why i should stand time

why i should bother standing here today
i bet you dont have a word to say

dont give me bullshit about hope for life
ive only ever felt woe and strife

dont give me bullshit about looking up
only thing there is an emotionless god

if there is a god at all
if our existence has a use in this small
small infinite world around

that stale and offkey annoying sound
that sound of humanity digging  a hole
all the way to hell to pay a toll
to pay a toll for there fucked up part
tearing this place from the very start

just let it all go, dust in the air
living life without a care
no blood, no mess, an open flame
only that feeling of bitter shame
bitter shame on all your hearts
for causing this child to choose his part
for causing these teenagers to leave this world
for leaving there potential yet unfurled

well i say fuck you,deal with it your way
i will mine
come what may
ill be fine
no problems, no pain, nothing at all
just that echoing fiery call



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