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Yeah its Winter...oh well

Yeah I know Its fucking cold and the middle of winter but I wrote this cuz im cool like that


I wish spring would be everyday
Everything lives in its own way
Everything is vibrant, teeming with life
Couples happy, husband and wife
Sauntering alongside that stream
Life feels like a coat, without seems
People are grand, enjoyable, very much so
Walking by myself, dont know where to go
Doesn't really matter either

Floating on the wind,
see where it takes me
The breeze, touching my skin
Open skies as far as the eye can see
The sky itself is a beautiful shade of azure
The sand bespeckles the placid ground
Staring at the sky feels like a guilty pleasure
Gazing at the horizon, this Shell in my hand i had found
It seems endless, a vast expanse of thoughts
I toss the shell into the infinite abyss
some things in life cant be bought
My existence is perfect bliss

The only music playing, is the sound of the water
Lying on the shore, mother and daughter
No worries, not a world in the problem
people are so busy, trying to solve them
Living life on a whim, letting it flow
its not so hard to let it all go
Problems aside, even for a moment
the sparkling sand, winks as if to condone it
The stars are twinkling ever so bright
a beautiful, almost translucent light
patterns an shapes dot the sky
the grass is patterned with a faint baise dye


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