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hard work which didnt amount to anything at all

everything here was written a while ago, i just thought id post for feedback.

what happens if your crying and the tears don’t fall?
they’re just building up until they over flow.
all your baracaded feelings can’t get out at all,
and your left to yourself, just staring into space.

what happens if your dying and your heart wont stop?
it stays pulsing there inside you, just like you dread.
sometimes there’s a feeling when you know your gonna drop,
but no matter what you do you dont die.

you might never know what happens if you sit around and wait,
you need to go experiance all the pain and displeasure.
if you dont do anything about it you might die too late
and go through even more hell than you ever imagined.

you would die unnoticed, unlike you would have done,
never being mourned, because it’s not your given day.
and when your death arrives, your tortures only just begun,
and you’ll live in dark forever, for you stole anothers birth.

cold and wet and quiet,
pooling together on the ground
in big silve puddle containing everything
a picture; a reflection viewed beneath your feet.
blue-gray eyes show up clear
shining in the rain
still falling;ripples all around you;
smaller than the pool of glass
trapped inside until you look away
away from the safety of the clear crystal
turning black, falling faster
drumming against the lakes
splashing up drops from the pools
pools created by tears from the sky
coming from the blue-gray eyes
which are becoming cloudy
the clear glassy puddles of reflections
are dystroyed
slowly stopping, leaving
until the next time
when it will come again
when the blue-gray eyes return
with their tears
with the rain.

a bloody metal object
sharp and silver red
a woman stabbed a thousand times
long after she was dead

a liquid stained the marble floor
the color shining bright
a woman all alone inside
covered in sheets of white

a tiny silver bullet
found in her heart a raging flood
a woman shot once just for pain
before a knife released the blood

a window sharply shattered
tall, the ceiling stretched so high
a woman lying on the glass
shot and stabbed and left to die

Controling your emotions,
Knowing what you feel.
Reminding you of everything,
Excluding what is real.

Lying to your heart,
Saying how wrong you really are.
Telling how what you really love
Has been brought away so far.

Scaring you into believing
That you’re not the only one
Whos mind is playing tricks on them,
until what they loved was really gone.

Creating pictures in your head
Without a rhythm or a rhyme.
With everything you’ve ever known
Oblivious in time.

Portraying false intentions,
Wrong about your thoughts.
Finally overcoming you
No matter how you fought.

do you understand my fear
and why i need you,
why i need someone here.

i want a shoulder to cry on,
and theres no one to help
i really cant wait that long.

ive been scared a while
and alone in my room,
crying and in denial.

depression leads to pain
mental or no,
nothing to lose or gain.

the casualties are growing,
and its all my fault
because of what im showing.

it takes a little time
to show yourself
whats real and whos lying.

dont wait forever,
take a chance,
its now or never.
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