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we need more members...

well if were writing happy poems, i write this forever ago, its not my best, but i think it kind of has an overall happy theme. tis called oblivian.

crying inside, though the pain is oblivious,
sweeping through while painting me red.
sighing inside, not a breath of it showing,
my feelings are mingling, far from dead.

theres life going on everywhere near me
but none of the faces are pointing my way.
no one but the face of a silent stranger,
pulling emotions far from me, away.

freeing my thoughts and my senses,
i dont think im alone any more.
the face of the stranger entrances me deeper,
using an unknown or long forgot lore.

im strange to the eyes of the world,
but thats if they refuse to look deeper inside.
a pair of bright eyes dig into the shadows,
not one thing for the period of now can i hide.

for now or forever, it doesnt much matter,
since eternity is there in the smile.
waiting and hoping for everything to happen
seems to have been worth all the while.
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